The Feldbalz House by Gus Wüstemann Architects in Zurich

Project: Feldbalz House
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Area: 2970 sq ft
Photographs by:

Feldbalz House by Gus Wüstemann Architects

Visually stunning, this contemporary home is a 2,970 sq ft structure which consists of three floors. The Feldbalz House is designed around social interaction for the entire family. The parents’ area is separated from the children’s area by being located on a different floor since walls are hard to come by in this house.
Overlooking the Lake of Zurich, the swimming pool helps to fully enjoy the stunning views of the hillside.

From the architect: “This project is not a house but a family sculpture looking for freedom and social interaction.”

In this so called sculpture, everybody meets and circulates on the first floor which also provides an overview of the lake and the hillside. The first floor is also the area which is inhabited by the children whereas the second floor is the lair of the older generation.

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