Over Water House by Design Workshop in Pune, India

Project: Over Water House
Location: Pune, India
Photographs by: Hemant Patil

Over Water House by Design Workshop

 have designed the Over Water House in Pune, India back in 2010. It is a beautiful glass house perched right above a lake, opening up to the coast with wonderful, endless panoramic views.
It is placed in an excellent spot for a home, surrounded by mountains and a lake.
Its interior is designed to be a single space with a high ceiling and plenty of glass panels that shower it in sunlight. Check it out!

To build on the lake surrounded by mountains is always a challenge, cause whatever one builds and however beautiful it may be it still takes away that much from nature.

The strategy then is to build a glass house perched on the land and providing privacy for the inhabitants, at the same time to make sure the lake view gets highlighted from inside for the inhabitants.

The structure is wood steel and glass, supported on 2 RCC columns, perched like a bird on land.

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