Affordable Ways to Make Your Small Living Space Look Chic

In metropolitan areas, got a surge in pricing since 2010. Just this March, there was a 3.1% increase in prices in private residential homes in the city state. So if we decide to buy a home in Singapore, it might be more costly than before.

However, their apartments and condos are still the more practical option. It is much cheaper than a house, it is near the central business district, and it is much easier to manage. That doesn’t exactly mean we can’t make something grand out of the limited space of a condo, even if we are on a tight budget.

Here, let’s explore some of the simplest and most affordable ways to design your home and make it look more sophisticated and chic.

Window treatments

Make sure you dress your windows. Without window treatments, your place will look like you’ve not made an effort to decorate it. Choosing window treatments is all about the fabric. There are cheap options that look elegant like linen, silk, or cotton. If you prefer blinds, you can choose ones which are made of wood or bamboo shades.

Affordable Ways to Make Your Small Living Space Look Chic

Furniture pieces

When it comes to furniture, choosing cheaper options may be problematic. Not to mention, they will definitely look the price that you bought them for. You’ll need to invest in furniture pieces because quality and longevity is what you’re buying. Don’t worry, there are stores which sells second-hand pieces or look for consignment stores so then you can just re-upholster the furniture.

If you find that you have enough budget to buy brand new pieces, start with focal pieces – these are furniture that can catch your visitor’s attention.

Affordable Ways to Make Your Small Living Space Look Chic

Hang large-scale wall art

Art doesn’t just show you’re cultured, it also gives your space personality. When you’re out at flea markets or art festivals, keep your eyes peeled for large-scale art pieces that can go well in your living room. If you can’t find an art piece that you like, you can blow up a poster you like, have them framed, and hang them on the wall. You can choose band posters, film, or even book covers.

Affordable Ways to Make Your Small Living Space Look Chic

Paint colour choice

You want to liven up your house and make it more inviting. Leaving the white paint you bought it in will most likely make it look a little dreary, especially if not enough natural light is coming in. Choose neutral hues as your base like grey and white. Then combine them with other colours like blues, reds, or greens. Stick to just three shades ofcolour plus one or two neutral colours.

You can choose neon colours if you want like orange, green, and yellow. But make sure to pair them with white and a dark colour like silver or lead black to offset the loudness of the colours you’ve chosen.

Affordable Ways to Make Your Small Living Space Look Chic

Maximise natural light

Lastly, invite a lot of natural light because it will make your space feel more open and airy. So even if you have a limited space, it wouldn’t look cramped because it’s bright with sunlight. If you don’t want too much sun, only draw the curtains half open.


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